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Trailer Birds in Bedford

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Hot Chicken Delivery in Bedford

If you’re a big hot chicken fan without any additional BS, then Trailer Birds is going to be your new favorite chicken place. Trailer Birds has four levels of hotness to choose from – from Virgin to FUBAR. What level can you handle? Here at Trailer Birds, we don’t need the gimmicks and frills that the other guys use. No need for a hot chick to try to sell out food, we just have a quality hot chicken recipe!

Each tender comes with some pickle and dipping sauce for some coolness when the going gets hot! Just make sure to keep a 32 oz Big Yellow Cup nearby. Quit searching for a “hot chicken spot near me” because you can order us for delivery to enjoy some chicken tendies or a hot chicken sandwich to go, in the comfort of your own home. Even if the ghouls at the Moxley Manor Haunted House were let loose you’d be safe and sound at home with your chicken eating party enjoying some finger-licking Nashville hot chicken from Trailer Birds.

Best Hot Chicken in Bedford

Trailer Birds is part of a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit family. Knowing this, you can be sure that your food order is always right with our 3-point check inspection. Dickey’s is ahead of the curb when it comes to innovation and success in the restaurant industry. For more than 80 years the Dickey’s franchise has expanded to more than 550 locations in 44 states. We’ve brought all that experience into our hot chicken brand! Enjoy our great quality recipe with your family and friends with outstanding service. If you are a Big Yellow Cup member than you will recognize the same signature cup at Trailer Birds – the same cup that has been around since 1941.

Since Dickey’s is a family-owned and operated family we encourage you to try Trailer Birds with your family. The kids will surely love their chicken tenders. No need for fussing over every meal when the kids do not eat what is on their plate. Trailer birds can be your “chicken spot near me” anytime you need a quick meal solution. Like Dickey’s we are expert in pickup orders and catering. You can even put and order in for pickup for before you go to enjoy your family time at Chisolm Park in Bedford, TX. Order Online today and make Trailer Birds your new favorite hot chicken place.