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Trailer Birds in Wesley-chapel

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Best Hot Chicken in Wesley Chapel Florida

Just like how the Sunshine State of Florida enjoys hot weather and cools off with by beating the heat at Epperson Lagoon you too can enjoy Nashville hot chicken tenders while cooling off with a Big Yellow Cup from Trailer Birds Hot Chicken. You know you got the hots for Nashville hot chicken when a couple of bites cause your forehead to sweat. Are you up to the challenge for the FUBAR level of hotness? Or will you take it easy and go Virgin-No Heat? Either way, someone will be crowned King Chicken. Is it going to be you? Place a bet with someone and see if they can withstand the heat or take the bet yourself to see how hot you can take your Nashville hot chicken. Hotness isn’t the only delicious thing about Trailer Birds Hot Chicken. These hot chicken tenders and hot chicken sandwiches are crispy and flavorful too! They taste even better in our savory house-made ranch. Enjoy a hot chicken sandwich or some hot chicken tendies with some specialty fries or tater tots to create a perfect chicken order to go or for delivery.

Revolutionary Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders and Hot Chicken Sandwiches

Wesley Chapel, FL which was named after the founder of Methodism, John Wesley a pioneer as well as an English cleric that revolutionized the Church of England. We’re not trying to claim too much credit but like John Wesley, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit restaurant revolutionized the hot chicken world by adding Trailer Birds Hot Chicken into the family. Instead of barbecue, Trailer Birds is focused on delivering the “best chicken tenders near me,” more specifically Nashville chicken tenders. Trailer Birds Hot Chicken is a Dickey’s virtual brand concept that launched in 2021 with those searching “the chicken spot near me” in mind. You can be sure that Trailer Birds Hot Chicken will prepare your chicken order for curbside pickup or for hot chicken delivery to the tee with over 80 years of success in the restaurant business. That means you could absolutely enjoy mother nature, the sun, and Nashville hot chicken to go in Wesley Chapel Florida. Maybe you can even visit the Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve for a hot chicken lunch with hot tots before a hike. We will also deliver big orders for all special occasions, corporate lunches, or any event. Take advantage of Trailer Birds Individual Meals with complimentary delivery within 10 miles for 100-person order. Or select from one of Trailer Birds’ Group Packs which includes dips, and large sides for everyone.